Attention! First signs of parasitic infestation. Product Intoxic parasit intoxic parasit

  • Excessive sweating
  • Bad breath
  • Urination problems
  • Meteorism
  • Skin rashes
  • Joint pain
  • Constipation
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Teeth grinding during sleep

The story of Hafizal Yusuf

parasit intoxic My story of purging parasites from my body first looked like a horror film. If I hadn’t been so scared I would have probably not shared it with anyone.

I always maintained a healthy lifestyle. Almost never drank alcohol, didn’t smoke a single day of my life, ate no junk food and certainly did sports. I think that I never even had a common viral or respiratory infection. But one day I suddenly realized that I began feeling very tired in the evening. After a couple of days, I felt a weird stomachache. I never practiced self-treatment and went to my doctor straight away. The doctor listened to me carefully and told me quite a surprising thing. He said that the symptoms I had were caused by parasites! I was so shocked that I didn’t trust his words first. Nevertheless, I bought Intoxic, a medicine which was recommended to me by the doctor.

The very first day of taking the medicine was so gut-wrenching that I thought I wouldn’t be able to get to the toilet. However, I did. I sat on the bowl and felt itching over there, down the bottom.intoxic price in malaysia

I wanted to rise when I suddenly felt something was dangling down there. When I looked back I nearly fainted. There was A HUGE ORANGE WARM, almost an inch wide. I didn’t know what to do and chose nothing better than taking it out of there. The thing I finally got in my hand was something I had never seen even in the pictures. A belly worm of approximately 6 feet long which was still alive.

So the doctor was right. I really had parasites and they were huge! They kept leaving my body several more days. I continued taking Intoxic in compliance with the directions for use, once a day prior to having a meal. Soon I began feeling better and at the end of the full treatment course, I was absolutely healthy. I underwent medical tests which proved that I was clean! Intoxic killed all parasites without causing any harm to my body. Now I know what should be taken as a preventative. But where could I contract all these parasites?

Where does it all come from?! Professional opinion. Intoxic medicine Malaysia product intoxic

Unfortunately, Yusuf’s story is not some extremely unique case. But how did parasites found the way into his body considering that he maintained a healthy lifestyle? No doubt that he washed his hands and ate only quality fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, etc. Now I want to tell a disappointing thing. Parasites can infest the body of even a person who takes good care about their hygiene. Many people who complain about feeling unwell to their doctor usually have no idea how they could contract parasites. There are several pathways of infestation.

Yahya Amin

Parasitologist with 20 years of occupational experienceCOME FROM?! PROFESSIONAL OPINION

How can you become infested? Parasit Intoxic, price in Malaysia

  • By contacting an already infested person
  • Bloodsucking insects
  • Unwashed or poorly washed hands
  • Poorly cooked food
  • Pets
  • Public venues

It does not make sense to identify the place where the infestation occurred!

You should immediately start taking Intoxic without waiting until grave consequences of the infestation strike you. This medicine has a very gentle action and its main difference compared to other remedies is that it’s totally safe. Intoxic affects only parasites without causing any harm to healthy cells!

The story of Rose Sharifah

hermuno intoxic malaysia I decided to tell about how I got rid of parasites just to help other people to avoid NIGHTMARE which I had.

I’d been a big girl since my early years. I can even say that I was overweight. I wasn’t pretty much worried about it until my teen years. I became alerted at the age of 16 when my weight was over 220 kilos! Then I began working hard trying to lose weight. But nothing was helping me! Workouts were ineffective and some diets even had the reverse effect by making me gain even more. Only then I decided to see my GP who sent me to undergo many medical tests. Their result was shocking…

It turned out that I was unable to lose weight because of parasites. My liver was affected by 70% and the intestine by 40%. My stomach and circulatory system were damaged too. My GP was simply terrified! He said that there was no time to wait and prescribed me with Intoxic. It wasn’t available for purchase at the pharmacies so I had to buy it directly from the manufacturer. While awaiting the delivery I thought I could feel worms move inside of me…

A full treatment course of Intoxic took 30 days. Over this time I began feeling like a different person. My skin became clean, extra weight was gradually declining and I got rid of insomnia. And the worms were leaving my body, of course. I don’t want anyone to experience anything like this… However, I’m happy that parasites were purged from my body. I’m incredibly grateful to those who developed Intoxic, a medicine which literally saved me. I wince at the thought of the consequences I would have faced without taking Intoxic…

Can parasites be life-threatening? What if you who don’t get rid of them in a timely manner? Hermuno Intoxic, order

Well, I can say that Rose was lucky to have a good GP who recommended her an excellent intoxic medicine malaysia medicine – Intoxic. Unfortunately, detecting parasites is a very challenging task. In some cases it’s even impossible. That’s why they’re so dangerous! As for the consequences, they can be quite different ranging from minor health issues to death. A person can’t feel the presence of worms in their body despite the fact that they can be several feet long. Parasites which infest the liver, gallbladder, and blood circulation organs remain under the radar. A mild rash is the only external manifestation of the worms infesting the stomach. It’s highly unlikely that this symptom will prompt a person to go to see their doctor, which is quite sad.

Adnan Shah

Infectious disease specialsit, 13 years of occupational experience


Changes in the bowel habits are often caused by parasites. However, people find simpler option to just take a tablet or administer an enema instead of thinking about why these changes took place. Meanwhile, parasites keep growing in both large and small intestine for years causing congestion. Soon the removal of the part of the intestine becomes the only option of tackling the issue. If the operation is not done in a timely manner the intestine might rupture causing internal bleeding, blood poisoning and, unfortunately, fatality.

It should also be remembered that any parasites regardless of what organ of the body they infest discharge their wastes – highly dangerous toxins into the blood stream. But the most daunting thing is that after dying some parasites can create substances which accumulate malignant cells provoking the growth of tumors.

Product Intoxic customer’s feedback. Intoxic medicine Malaysia

intoxic parasit When my blood screening test revealed the presence of helminths I didn’t know what to do. I thought that only people who don’t wash their hands after going to a toilet could have this sort of issues. But it turned out that any person is at risk of infestation. Doctors prescribed me with medications but possible side effects they might have caused frightened me. I began looking for something natural but at the same time potent. I came across Intoxic accidentally. It helped me to get rid of all parasites in just a month. I was surprised with how well I felt. I had no more short breath, stopped snoring, and sweating excessively. I even managed to lose a couple of kilos!

Muzammir Mohd, 43

parasit intoxic When I first heard about Intoxic I had some apprehensions, of course. No wonder there. This medicine was quite new and untested! But after discussing it with my doctor and learning about its content I decided to try it. I strictly followed all recommendations and upon the end of the course felt totally different. My mood and performance improved and it was easier to breathe. It was like soaring in the air! When I got the tests result I was just leaping for joy. No parasites had been detected. The idea of what they could have done to my body makes me shiver… Luckily, I came across Intoxic before it was too late!

Suriani Abu, 26

intoxic malaysia order I began suffering from opisthorchiasis several years ago. And the situation was critical… It all began with just feeling slightly unwell. Medical testing revealed that my body was full of opisthorchiasis eggs. I was treated with chemical medicines. However, after a year the infestation occurred again. I needed some more effective medication and sought advice from another clinic. I was recommended to try Intoxic and now I’m happy that it happened. Parasites vanished taking allergy, asthenia, dizziness and abdominal pain with them. Besides, I got rid of bad breath which persisted for quite long. Now my body functions like a clockwork.

Irfan Sham, 30

Intoxic – price in Malaysia, order

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